Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been collecting in a composition notebook all of the books I have read to my girls since August of 2008. That is when we started hunting down our perfect bedtime ritual.

My husband was working in Florida at the time. He would be off to work for about 21 days and then would get to come home for 7. At this time Hazel would have been turning 4, Amber would be 2.5, and Violet would be 6 months. I believe that we had just finished remodeling the girls' room upstairs and all of the beds were still downstairs. I did my best to make it work and make it fun. I pulled as many mattresses upstairs as I possibly could and made a snuggly little nest for us all in there. I read them book after book until they fell asleep and then I would turn on an audio book so that someone else could read me to sleep.

We visited the library at least 3 days a week. I let the girls check out as many items as they had the urge to....until the stroller tipped over the one day because we had too many books to push home.

We are a family passionate about books. It almost (understatement) drives my husband crazy, the amount of books that we have in the house. I want to be Belle with that giant library that she can spend all day in. I even started reading when I am out walking so that I can feel just a little more like Belle. (If my girls can pretend to be princesses, why can't I?)

So I thought I would share the list with you and ya'll can feel free to ask how much we as adults enjoyed reading them vs the girls listening to them. Because I know all of you can understand that sometimes your child LOVES a book and you cannot stand to read it one more time.

I think I'll build a separate page for all of the titles to keep this short for ya'll.

Happy reading!