Tuesday, April 26, 2011


One of those rare moments when we were watching tv, a couple kissed upon the screen. One of the monkeys asked if they were now married. How do you explain that and still protect your girls from those boys out there. So, being the wise and romantic mom that I am….I let my husband take care of that one.

Now my monkeys either oooo or ewww when my husband and I kiss. The tiniest loves it and asks for more. The bigger ones are grossed out by it in sound, but they glow with happiness by watching it. Think that’s one of the most important things our children need to see today. The proper use of affection in society.

They need to see their parents being affectionate. They need to know what God expects in marriage. They need to see what love is and how it should be. Instead of what the movies and television now portray as love.

It’s ok that they ew or ooo… it’s the smiles that go along with it (on all parties) that makes it worth it. Especially on the slightly stressful days, like today. Went to kiss all the girls good night and had to kiss Daddy on the way. Added smiles to everyone and released the stress of the day, even just a little bit.