Thursday, March 31, 2011

Made to Crave - MOMS Study - Empowerment

Was hit with a profound thought on the way home from MOMS group today. Last week's topic was Empowerment and this week is Determination. And one of the questions that came out in today's discussion was, "What are you going to take with you into this week?"

After a conversation I had with my husband this week...I am taking empowerment into my week. Empowerment to make choices. I realized that I have had most of my choices made for me throughout my whole life. And the ones that I did make myself, were easy no-brainer ones (or ones I should have used my brain for). When we go out anywhere I let my husband make all the choices. When something needs to be done, I ask him what he thinks we should do. I've always lived my life this way and it hasn't always worked out for me. I just didn't know there was another way to live.

Then my eldest brought home her report card this week and it was really pretty good. The parts that she fell a little behind on, I already knew about so it wasn't a shock to me. Except gym class. The teacher noted that she needs to be more aggressive. That bothered me a little because not everyone needs to be aggressive. The world needs passive people me.

So that's where I got hit today. She is like me. If I don't teach her what I know now, she may be one of those girls who looks back and says, "If only I knew then what I know now." So I think I need to have a talk to her today about being more aggressive in gym class. To try just a little harder and not to be so passive. That being just a little bit more aggressive won't change who she is, it will enhance her and allow more people to see who she truly is.

And now as I read that paragraph again I see my fault again. "I think I need to" No. I need to do this because she can't just "think" her way through life, it does help; but she needs to do as well. I do need to talk to her on the way home from school today. And continue until she shares with me how awesome it was to be aggressive (even just a little).